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The Pony Chronicles



Volume One of the Pony


Following her mother's death, Jackie is sent to live

with her grandfather in Devon.  A townie who has never had animals, the countryside and farm come as a revelation to her.  She settles in well and is happy, but then danger looms and threatens everything else Jackie

has come to love.

elaine brown riding tia

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In Britain there is no such thing as a palomino thoroughbred.  The modern breed was founded by using the bloodlines of the Darley Arabian, the Byerley Turk and the Godolfin Arabian in the late 17th and early 18th century and these breeds do not carry the palomino gene. Thoroughbreds are predominantly bay or chestnut with some greys.

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in my own write

Welcome to my world - the world of contemporary pony books

I think it was inevitable that my love of horses and writing from an early age would one day manifest in The Pony Chronicles. Although I have other projects in the pipeline, it was my life spent with horses, loving and understanding them, that finally gave me the courage to put pen so paper.  

The second book in

the series:


Ponies at


is about to

make its debut !